Meet the Artists, Part II

Another #TheatreThursday means another chance to dive deeper into the world of Players in the Park: Quarantine Comedy! For those hearing about this for the first time, we truly hope you'll come to our upcoming production in Quay Park. This series of nine vignettes will take place of September 12 (or, if rained out, on September 13) at 6 PM and is FREE! Audiences should bring their own lawn chairs or blankets, and bringing food from local restaurants is highly encouraged. Masks and social distancing will be enforced to the best of our ability. Should you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to us via our phone line at (724) 494-1680 or Facebook, where an event was added to ou

Meet the Artists, Part I

Before we get started on this week's deep dive, we wanted to share with you this amazing poster for our upcoming outreach production! We'll be adding a Facebook event soon, but please remember that social distancing is required and masks are HIGHLY encouraged. We will have some on hand, but our supply is limited. Seating will not be provided by the Bobcat Players, so bring your lawn chairs or blankets and we strongly encourage you to support our local restaurants by purchasing takeout to enjoy throughout the show. Pass on the word to your friends and family--we can't wait to see you all again in less than a month! *** Over the next three weeks, we'll be introducing you to the shows, the play

Quarantine Comedy

On September 12, we'll be back in our hometown, performing Players in the Park: Quarantine Comedy outside in Quay Park at 6 PM and we encourage attendees to "picnic in the park" with us by purchasing takeout from our local restaurants! (Don't forget September 13 is our rain date!) Our outreach committee finalized a production of NINE short plays for this FREE performance with casts you're sure to know and love! In the coming weeks, we'll be getting to know both the playwrights and the actors, as well as the shows themselves, but for now, we wanted to give you a taste of what's in store! Check out the lineup below: DOING LUNCH by Anne Flanagan, starring Alex Andres, Erin Berger, Susan Metelsk

What Comes Next...

Let's face it--2020 has not been the year we all expected. As you probably already know, the Bobcat Players' Board of Directors made the impossibly hard decision to cancel our entire season. While we know that is certainly not the most tragic thing to happen this year, we are deeply saddened and greatly miss both the sense of community & the love of theatre that inspires us to move forward. You may have a lot of questions about what that means for your favorite theater group. Honestly, we have the same questions, too. We hope to be able to bring what was supposed to be our 2020 season to you next year, but these are uncertain times. We appreciate your patience with us and your understanding

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