Nothing to Hide!

Our 2018 season opens in just over a week on May 4 and there are so many reasons you should be there--but don't just take it from me! Bobcat President and director Keith Zagorski shared his insight into Something to Hide, a mystery by Leslie Sands. Casey: You're widely known as an audience-favorite actor with the Bobcats, and yet here you are directing our season opener. Why does directing appeal to you and how does it differ from being onstage? Keith: In some ways, [acting is] easier than directing. But directing is a neat challenge and a big change from acting, as the perspective is truly different. When I act, I have the luxury of focusing on my character and how it interacts, sometimes

To Hide or Not To Hide...

This week, I had the pleasure of sitting down with the leads of our season opener, Something to Hide. This mystery by Leslie Sands begins to unfold in an isolated country home in the 1960s when the mistress of philandering novelist Howard Holt meets her untimely demise. Enter his frantic wife, Karen Holt, and watch as the plot thickens like fog on a gloomy English night. Deceit, infidelity, and treachery are the formula for this smart British thriller--and also the Holt marriage. Taking on the role of Howard Holt is Mike Prest, a Bobcat veteran and audience favorite. (Though audiences might be surprised to see Mike play such a different character!) His counterpart is Jennifer Kopach as Karen

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