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Quarantine Comedy

On September 12, we'll be back in our hometown, performing Players in the Park: Quarantine Comedy outside in Quay Park at 6 PM and we encourage attendees to "picnic in the park" with us by purchasing takeout from our local restaurants! (Don't forget September 13 is our rain date!) Our outreach committee finalized a production of NINE short plays for this FREE performance with casts you're sure to know and love! In the coming weeks, we'll be getting to know both the playwrights and the actors, as well as the shows themselves, but for now, we wanted to give you a taste of what's in store! Check out the lineup below:

DOING LUNCH by Anne Flanagan, starring Alex Andres, Erin Berger, Susan Metelsky, & Patti Ross.

THE TROUBLE WITH CASHEWS by David MacGregor, starring Shelly Cary & Will Gainesborough.

GREAT ESCAPES by David Susman, starring Dolores & Tom Dowlin.

DANCING IN THE ELEVATOR by Dorothea Cahan, starring Kelly Kochick & Mary Romeo.

HAMLET INVESTIGATIONS, INC. by Ellen Abrams, starring Andrew & Stephanie Mayle.

YOU WERE AWESOME by Bob Zaslow, starring Erin Bock & Keith Zagorski.

HOW NICE OF YOU TO ASK by Rich Rubin, starring Joyce Hoellein & Brian Kane.

SHARPIES by David Narter, starring Andrea & David A. Cary and J. Daniel Craig.

ONE FINAL ALL HALLOW’S EVE by James Eychaner, starring Jere Antonetti & Bridget Yeager.

We'd also like to take a moment to thank the people who have helped get this project underway! First and foremost, we are so delighted the Beaver Borough approved this performance during these uncertain times. We appreciate their faith in us to produce this in the most safety-conscious and responsible way we can. (Remember, social distancing will be enforced and masks are highly encouraged!) We'd also like to thank Alex Andres for his guidance through this process, as well as providing the sound with the help of the Center Theatre Players! And we would also like to give a brief shout-out to the playwrights, whose clever & endearing words--and generosity--made this Quarantine Comedy possible. Stay tuned for more information about these brilliant writers next week!

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