An Interview with the Playwright!

To the absolute delight of the Bobcat Players, we were honored to snag an interview with the playwright of our upcoming production! Barbara Pease Weber so generously agreed to talk to us about the inspirations behind Foolish Fishgirls and the Pearl--and more. Her answers below will provide you with a greater insight into this fabulous comedy. Casey: First and foremost, I want to thank you so much for taking the time for our small community theatre! We are thrilled to be doing your show, and are so excited that you have taken an interest in our production. Can you tell us a little bit about your background in theater? Barbara: I've acted in Philadelphia theaters on and off since 1975 when

Inside the World of Fishgirls...

Last week, we briefly acquainted you with the cast and crew of Foolish Fishgirls and the Pearl by Barbara Pease Weber. This week, I sat down with director Shelly Cary for an exclusive interview on our upcoming production. Check out her insights below! Casey: Foolish Fishgirls and the Pearl can best be described as the quirky comedy of the summer. What would you say to those who are skeptical—or just unsure—of what to expect from the title? Shelly: This show will naturally satisfy people who enjoy the beach and nautical themes, as well as the fantastical world of mermaids. But more than that, Fishgirls is a story that shows that everyone's "happily ever after" can be found. Sometimes, the p

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