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Lucky Stiff: Meet the Cast, Part 2

With rehearsal well underway and tickets on sale for Lucky Stiff let’s take a minute to learn more about our cast and their opinions on their characters and their thoughts on the show.

Please provide our readers with an introduction of yourself. Also, please tell us about who you play in Lucky Stiff and how you relate to the character?

Jason: My name is Jason X Fernandez. I play Vinnie Di Ruzzio. The Optometrist. I'm not sure how I can relate to this Character except that I also have a sister. But my sister is not crazy like my character's sister. I grew up in a large family. 10 boys and one girl. I'm originally from Stockton, CA.

Ken: Hello! My name is Ken Frankenbery and this is my first show to actually perform with the Bobcat Players. I am now fully retired after working with the Air Force and Air Force Reserves (military & civilian) for 41-years. I LOVE being retired and now have the time to perform in theater as well as a host of other hobbies I enjoy!

Tiffany: I’m a married mom of one son, originally from Rochester. I work as a physician assistant and do as much theatre as I can each year as my creative outlet! I’m playing the Landlady, Ms. Thorsby, a Southern lady, and the nun. Landlady is my favorite because she’s SO different from who I am in real life!!

Valerie: Hi, I’m Valerie! I have been with the Bobcats since 2016. I recently directed the fall special, “The Gentleman Clothier” and I’m excited to be a part of “Lucky Stiff.” I play Rita La Porta, the villainess of the musical. She is passionate, impulsive, jealous, and legally blind, but refuses to wear her glasses! The only thing I have in common with Rita is that she’s a passionate person and has a thing for Italian men ;)

What was your first impression of the script? Has it changed since we have begun rehearsals?

Jason: My first impression of the script was that it was a scene of different stories within a story. The different relationship between couples and their nemesis's. There's greed, romance, dogs and other fiascos that make a hilarious Musical. And of course. A Corpse. The rehearsals make the script even more enjoyable and filled with laughter. It is loads of fun!

Ken: I have performed in several musicals in the past (‘Scrooge, the Stingiest Man in Town’, ‘Cabaret’, ‘Honk', ‘Madeline’s Christmas’ and ‘Newsies’) and thoroughly enjoy theatre. In this production of ‘Lucky Stiff’, I play several characters (The Lorry Driver, the Solicitor, the Croupier, the Prosperous Man, the French Waiter, the Leper, and the Old Texan). Most characters have a different accent (Cockney, High-brow English, French, and Texan) and I love to hone my acting skills with these unique individuals.

Tiffany: My first impression was “wait…what’s happening?!” And now, I absolutely love the story and how each individual piece comes together in such a fantastic way.

Valerie: I was super excited upon reading the script. It’s a funny, fast-paced, murder-mystery farce. It has been fun watching the cast bring their characters to life!

What are you most looking forward to with this show and what would you say to encourage audiences to attend?

Jason: I look forward to lighten people's day and enjoy to the hilt what we have to offer. A moment to let go of the pressure's that life can bring

Ken: I have never seen or performed ‘Lucky Stiff’ before nor have I read the script until we began rehearsals. I discovered that it is a very fun production and I LOVE doing farcical comedy! The more we rehearsed it, the more I have enjoyed this musical! This cast has broken down in laughter numerous times during our rehearsals! You will certainly enjoy it too! Sometimes, the events of this troubled world can get you down and laughter is one of the best medicines to cure it! I love to make people laugh and some of the characters I portray will do just that! If you enjoy comedy, need a good laugh, enjoy a bit of silliness, and want to hear some good music, come see our show!

Tiffany: I’m super excited for my first official Bobcat show!! I was cast in One Man Two Guvnors in 2020 but the show was cancelled amid the pandemic, so I’ve never gotten to perform here before! For the audience, the show is hilarious and will absolutely keep you smiling all night long, and you'll have the music stuck in your head for sure. There is always something to notice in the background as well!

Valerie: Bringing Rita to life on stage. The cast is really talented! I’m excited for the audience to see the show. It makes for a fun-filled evening, with a lot of comedy and entertaining music!


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