Next up for the Bobcat Players is the wonderful drama, The Drawer Boy, written by Michael Healey. Set in the rural landscape of Ontario, it focuses on the life of two old friends, Morgan and Angus, who own a dairy farm. Fresh from a theatre troupe in Toronto comes young Miles, a brash method actor who wants to immerse himself in farm life before assuming a role. It doesn’t take Miles long to see that Angus is damaged and that Morgan fiercely protects a secret from their past. This is a beautifully drawn character study of loss, friendship, and forgiveness in which a young actor learns that the most meaningful dramas do not necessarily take place on the stage. I stopped in to a rehearsal th

Upcoming Outreach!

We love to keep our followers informed on all the latest happenings, so check out this update from Bobcat Players Recording Secretary, Erin Bechdel, below: Since its inception, a major focus of the Bobcat Players, in addition to bringing quality community theater to Beaver County and surrounding areas, has been outreach: creating opportunities for theater and the arts beyond the Bobcat stage. For several years, Bobcat Outreach has included a traveling program--usually a variety of one-act plays, which would be performed in various venues during the winter months (and sometimes other parts of the year). You may fondly remember such performances as On The Edge andWhat I Did For Love on our st

Remembering the Women Who Made a Difference

A community theater is not only a theater for the community; it also is a theater that builds a community within its very framework. Each member, from director to performer, from ticket seller to board officer, is vital to building an arts community, to connecting a family dedicated to the stage. This past year, our community of the Bobcat Players was gravely diminished by the untimely loss of three women who worked with us and for us, inspired us, and moved us forward for arts’ sake. Their contributions were as varied as their backgrounds. But their deaths all left a void, and so we remember them now: our pioneering inspiration, our artist, and our performer/director. Our pioneering inspira

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