What's Next: Sea Hags

Tom Griffin's The Boys Next Door has sadly come to an end, but we'd like to congratulate everyone who worked to make this show possible. We'd also like to thank our faithful audiences for supporting us by purchasing tickets and telling everyone they know to attend. And now, it's time to look forward and "sea" what's on the horizon with the Bobcat Players... Presenting our summer show, Foolish Fishgirls and the Pearl, written by Barbara Pease Weber! This quirky comedy tells the story of two sisters who own an oceanfront bed and breakfast appropriately named Sea Hags. Both women are jaded former mermaids who have dedicated their lives to warning young women of all persuasions about the risks o

Review: The Boys Next Door

I have two confessions to make before writing this review. The first is that I, as a member of the play-reading committee for the Bobcat Players, read Tom Griffin's The Boys Next Door a year ago and did not vote for it as a part of the 2017 season. I felt pained reading the antics of the characters and I wasn't sure that our audiences would enjoy it. Of course, I was once told by a wise director: "Plays are meant to be watched, not read." Secondly, you should know that I very rarely laugh while watching plays. I can indeed find them hilarious, but usually that reaction is internalized. On both counts, I was proved very wrong... And that wise director, for those who are wondering, was our ver

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