Attention: Roll Call!

Meredith Dayna Levy's Decision Height is a huge undertaking that the Bobcat Players are proud to present--which means we've got all hands on deck to tackle this important true story. The production team is large and the cast is definitely the biggest we've had in recent history with 13 women. Here's your chance to get to know the actresses, their characters, and those leading Decision Height to success! First, meet our amazing ensemble! Each one of these ladies joins our stage for the first time and we are so happy to welcome them to the Bobcat Players. The ensemble carries the march songs of the WASP throughout the show and also play a vital role in assisting with scene changes. We truly co

History Lesson

Our season special, Decision Height by Meredith Dayna Levy, opens four weeks from today! This show is truly unique for the Bobcat Players for many reasons. First and foremost, Decision Height is a historical drama with twelve different songs and an all-female cast. Though the characters are fictional, the events are all based in truth. Additionally, we are also using this incredible show to fundraise for the Yellow Ribbon Girls, a local non-profit formed by women with the main goal of supporting our troops overseas. Opening night proceeds will be donated directly to the Yellow Ribbon Girls and we will also collect supplies throughout the run of the show. As a member of the play-reading commi

Bobcat Pride

Being a member of the Bobcat Players means a lot of different things. It means a great time commitment, a lot of hard work--and a heck of a lot of fun. But one thing I didn't anticipate when I joined the board a year ago was what a great sense of pride I would feel for this group. This summer, our members have been working overtime to make our community proud. Barbara Pease Weber's Foolish Fishgirls and the Pearl premiered in July and three out of five shows were sold out. Audience members told me it was their "favorite production to date" and many took to our Facebook page to express how much fun they had attending. Those are exciting accolades and still, the greatest part about our run of

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