A Decade in Memories

An exciting new year lies ahead for the Bobcat Players, but before we fully immerse ourselves in the 2020 season, we thought it only appropriate to take one last look at the decade we leave behind. And what better way to honor the past than by reminiscing? Enjoy these favorite memories of some of our board members as they review their experiences over the last 10 years with the Bobcat Players! Joshua Antoon: One of my favorite memories from my years with the Bobcat Players actually does NOT involve the stage! A few years ago, the Bobcat Players had to find a new storage space for all of our props, costumes, furniture, and set pieces. Believe me, it was A LOT of stuff. I’d say about 16 years

Onto the Next Season!

The year 2020 ushers in a new decade and, along with it, a new, varied, and exciting Bobcat Players season. Due to a three-year construction plan at Beaver Area High School/Middle School, the building that houses the Ed Schaughency Theater, we are restructuring our season in order to continue to bring our audiences a full slate of shows. That means a regular two-weekend production in the spring and fall and two special one-weekend productions in May and September. Rest assured we will not “vacation” in the summer; in July our outreach committee has arranged the presentation of a one-weekend dinner show at the Oak Arbor Grille in nearby Bridgewater. That means five plays that hopefully wi

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