Review: Foolish Fishgirls and the Pearl

[Board member Andrew Mayle graciously offered to review the Bobcat Players' sold out opening night performance of Barbara Pease Weber's Foolish Fishgirls and the Pearl.] Having not known too much about mermaid folklore, I was a little concerned going into tonight’s performance. To my delight, the Bobcat Players, yet again, presented an adventurous tale that was both informative and delightful. From the beautiful and intricate design of the set, to the impressive and flawless performances by the actors, I left the show with the knowledge that mermaids, like us all, have discovered that love comes in the most unexpected forms. Since I have personally worked with Shelly Cary before, I knew wh

behind the ScEAnes...

Opening night is just EIGHT DAYS AWAY and we are so excited to bring you Barbara Pease Weber's Foolish Fishgirls and the Pearl! As assistant director of this show, I sat down with a few members of the cast to ask for their insight on their characters and rehearsals. Meet our leading ladies: Kathy as Coral, Patti as Oceana, and Mace as Marina--with some male perspective from Dave as Floyd! Casey: What has the most memorable part of the rehearsal process been for you thus far? Patti: Watching a play come to life at every stage always amazes me! But I think the most memorable part of Fishgirls has been working with an incredibly gifted and caring group of people. The cast has been supportive,

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