Once in a Lifetime

This has been a banner year for the Bobcat Players. In July, we were graced with the presence of playwright Barbara Pease Weber for our closing performance of Foolish Fishgirls and the Pearl. In August, we were fortunate to have an interview with Meredith Dayna Levy, author of Decision Height. And this month, we were honored with the presence of living WASP, Florence "Shutsy" Reynolds, at our closing performance of DH. For me, Decision Height was a once in a lifetime kind of show. I read this play for the first time on my porch at the end of summer last year, and tears were streaming down my face. I ran inside excitedly to wake my husband up that Saturday (or Sunday) morning and tell him all

In Her Words...

Meredith Dayna Levy's Decision Height has truly been a groundbreaking show for the Bobcat Players for many reasons. It is an all-female show with music that is based on the true story of the WASP. The majority of the actresses in the production are making their Bobcat Players debut. It is a play about women working at home to support their troops overseas, and our production will benefit the Yellow Ribbon Girls, a local charity with a similar mission. Decision Height is a new play that will provide our community with a refreshing experience--and it opens tonight! So on the opening night of this historic play, we are honored to provide you with insight from the playwright herself. We were ver

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