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Lucky Stiff: Meet the Director

We are 3 weeks away from our Fall show, Lucky Stiff, Book and Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens, Music by Stephen Flaherty. Metelsky is making her director debut with The Bobcat Players with this show and has graciously agreed to answer a few questions for our patrons.

Rebecca: Can you give us some idea of your theater background?

Susan: I was a singer/dancer/actor plays and musicals in High School and musical, operas and operettas in college. I went to Indiana University of Pa. I have done some shows in a community theatre in Winchester Virginia. I began directing HS musicals in the Spring of 1998 at Western beaver and moved to Beaver Schools Fall of 2003.

Rebecca: What interested you about Lucky Stiff after reading the script?

Susan: I read the script of Lucky Stiff years ago and always thought is it was very funny. I did not think it was appropriate for a HS to do just because of the depth of characters needed.

Rebecca: As a first-time director for The Bobcats, what’s been the easiest and hardest part of this role?

Susan: Since I am a first-time director for the Bobcats and not a first-time director, the easiest part is having a set construction crew without begging parents. The hardest is that the actors have such busy lives, children, etc. and getting everyone together on the same night is difficult.

Rebecca: How would you compare the preparation process of directing to acting?

Susan: I have to know the entire script and what I want to happen - I have to play scenes in my mind so that I can give ideas/direction to the actors. Trying to think everything through.

Rebecca: What would you want the audience to know about the show before they arrive?

Susan: The audience should be ready for some zany characters!!


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