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The Gentleman Clothier Cast Thoughts

With rehearsal well underway and tickets on sale for The Gentleman Clothier, let’s take a minute to learn more about our cast and their opinions on their characters and their thoughts on the show.

Please provide our readers with an introduction of yourself. Also, please tell us about who you play in Gentleman Clothier and how you relate to the character?

Mary Romeo: My name is Mary Romeo and I am playing Alisha Sparrow. I think I can relate to her as a woman who finds herself having to stand on her own for the first time. Our situations are different as she is getting a divorce, whereas in my situation I Iost my parents at a young age and found myself on my own.

Daniel Stadnik: My name is Daniel Stadnik and I am the Director of Community Homes at McGuire Memorial. When I was in high school and college I was in multiple plays, musicals, and various other theatrical productions - but this is the first time that I have played a role in a play since 1997! I play the role of Patrick Markham, who is the single father of a young girl, and he is “doing his best” to find a job so that he can take care of his daughter. I myself am the father of three wonderful young women, and I fully relate to the struggle that Patrick goes through as he is a simple man trying to provide the best possible life for his child while finding the proper balance with his work and parental responsibilities.

Bruce Travers: I am Bruce E. Travers. I have been acting in Pittsburgh for 20 years. I am married with one child, two dogs, three cats, and four chickens. I live in Pittsburgh and work for the Commonwealth Dept. of Human Services. I play Norman Davenport, the title character. I relate to Norman’s desire to live in a simpler time, although for me that just means returning to the 1980s. And I have always wanted to be Canadian.

Bridget Yeager: My name is Bridget Yeager and I am playing the character Sophie Tomesko. This is my 4th play with The Bobcat Players and I always enjoy working with them!

What was your first impression of the script? Has it changed since we have begun rehearsals?

Mary Romeo: When I first read the script it is a very nice story, however, once we started rehearsals the characters and story really came to life even more.

Daniel Stadnik: My first impression of The Gentleman Clothier was that it is a sweet and simple story of folks who are all trying to find connections in their lives. As we have begun rehearsals, I have been very pleasantly surprised by how funny this play is!

Bruce Travers: I have been a fan of Norm Foster since performing in Old Love and auditioning for The Foursome. He creates such identifiable and lovable characters. I read the script and was impressed that, while there is the supernatural element to the plot, it’s very much driven by the human element. I was a bit intimidated by the script, but rehearsing with the talented cast has relaxed me that we will get it done.

Bridget Yeager: I can relate to Sophie in terms of her confidence. She is very sure of herself when involved in her passion for tailoring and confident i her abilities. However, when it comes to her love life, she is shy and uncertain of herself. She wants to be in a relationship but is skittish about dating. When it comes to things that I am passionate about I also feel confident in my abilities. I grew up very shy though and while I’ve had a few romantic relationships (and currently have a wonderful boyfriend) I have always been very nervous when trying to reveal my feelings.

What are you most looking forward to with this show and what would you say to encourage audiences to attend?

Mary Romeo: I think the audience will really enjoy this show, it is funny, charming, and heartwarming...and there are a few surprises.

Daniel Stadnik: I am looking forward to being able to share this play with an audience so that we can see and hear their reactions. This is a delightful show that audiences may not be familiar with, but most attendees will find someone in this cast of characters whom they relate to. There are a lot of very funny moments, some moments that may tug on your heart-strings, and some moments that will make you stop and wonder if YOU are living in the right time.

Bruce Travers: I am looking forward to the set design and the costumes, especially on Bridget. I would say to anyone considering seeing the show that we have an entertaining script and a great cast led by a marvelous director. You don’t need much more than that!

Bridget Yeager: I’m really looking forward to finding out how audiences feel about Norman’s experience. I think a lot of people have at one time or another wished to be in a different time period that they find fascinating without considering the tradeoffs. I’m also really looking forward to hearing audiences laugh at all the funny moments! What I would say to encourage audiences to attend is this: It’s a play that will make you think but is also a lot of fun and will make you laugh!


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