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Attention: Roll Call!

Meredith Dayna Levy's Decision Height is a huge undertaking that the Bobcat Players are proud to present--which means we've got all hands on deck to tackle this important true story. The production team is large and the cast is definitely the biggest we've had in recent history with 13 women. Here's your chance to get to know the actresses, their characters, and those leading Decision Height to success!

First, meet our amazing ensemble! Each one of these ladies joins our stage for the first time and we are so happy to welcome them to the Bobcat Players. The ensemble carries the march songs of the WASP throughout the show and also play a vital role in assisting with scene changes. We truly couldn't do it without them! [Above from left to right: Rachel Curcio, Cami Deneen, Rebecca Hetzell, and Suzanne Weber.]

The story of Decision Height couldn't exist without the women in charge. On the left, we have audience favorite Heather Bixler who plays Mrs. Deaton, the government-employed den mother. Bixler is not only in the show, but is also the producer. On the right is Danielle Lang, who plays Ziggie Lewis, the no-nonsense flight instructor. Lang makes her Bobcat debut but is no stranger to the stage as a regular member of R-ACT Productions.

Among the WASP, there were ranks, so now it's time to meet our squadron commander and her flight lieutenants! Hannah Eyler, left, plays Mildred Simmons, lieutenant of flight one. You may remember her from last summer's sold-out production of Paul Elliott's Exit Laughing. Center, we have squadron commander Norma Jean Harris, played by Stephanie Spezialetti. Norma Jean is the confident teacher who tries to keep the girls in line. On the right, meet Bridget Yeager, who plays Alice Hawkins, the cool intellect at the top of the class and lieutenant of flight two. We are excited to have both Spezialetti and Yeager make their Bobcat debut this year!

You may remember Valerie Boyce and Casey Novak, respectively, from last fall's Franklin Myers' production of Marc Camoletti's Boeing Boeing. This year, the two join the cast of Decision Height as the wild cards of the WASP. Boyce plays Carol Henderson, the youngest of the group with a need for speed. Novak plays Edith "Eddie" Harknell, the self-proclaimed "hot pilot" who seems to always be at the center of conflict. The two are a dangerous pair, but you'll have to attend to find out why!

Meet best friends Rosalie Hartson and Virginia Hascall--or as they are known in real life, Kelly Follmer and Melanie Schneiderman, respectively! Follmer makes her Bobcat debut as the insecure dreamer of the group, while Schneiderman will be remembered by our audiences as the southern air stewardess in our 2016 season finale, Boeing Boeing. Schneiderman plays leading lady Virginia who empathetically observes her surroundings in the form of letters to home.

The dynamic duo who brought us Boeing Boeing is back together again at the helm of Decision Height! Franklin Myers and Pat Depenhart take the lead as director and assistant director, respectively. (Which begs the question... They must really like plays about planes, huh?)

This year, we are excited to welcome a student director. Justin Kopicko, pictured left, joins us from his Bobcat debut on the Carnegie Stage in our Pittsburgh New Works Festival production of Hamilton Kreeger's Wilderness Survival. Center, meet Katelyn Schlack, who you may have seen working on the technical aspects of our last mainstage production, Barbara Pease Weber's Foolish Fishgirls and the Pearl. Schlack lent a hand in the early stages of rehearsal for Decision Height as a student advisor. Last, but certainly not least, we have Josh Antoon, our essential technical director. You may remember him as the loveable Norman Bulansky from our season opener, The Boys Next Door by Tom Griffin.

Of course, there are also people working very hard behind the scenes that are not pictured here. We are very lucky to have Brenda Menjivar of Brenda's Notes as our vocal director. Credit is due to Beth Spence for taking all of the wonderful individual and group photographs. Tom Dowlin is at the head of design for this show as well as taking on the role of dramaturg.

Decision Height is right on course to be a smash hit this September! Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased three ways: 1) in person at the Hostess Gift Shoppe in Beaver, 2) via phone reservation by calling our box office at (724) 494-1680, or 3) online. The show runs September 14-16 with performances at 7:30 pm and September 17th at 3 PM. Throughout the run, we will be collecting supplies for the Yellow Ribbon Girls and all opening night proceeds will be donated to this worthy local cause. Tickets are only $10 and will go fast with only four performances!

Stay tuned for our next entry on September 14, which will feature an interview with Meredith Dayna Levy, the playwright of Decision Height, and we will also introduce a special guest who will be in attendance at our final performance on September 17! You don't want to miss this!

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