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Inside the World of Fishgirls...

Last week, we briefly acquainted you with the cast and crew of Foolish Fishgirls and the Pearl by Barbara Pease Weber. This week, I sat down with director Shelly Cary for an exclusive interview on our upcoming production. Check out her insights below!

Casey: Foolish Fishgirls and the Pearl can best be described as the quirky comedy of the summer. What would you say to those who are skeptical—or just unsure—of what to expect from the title?

Shelly: This show will naturally satisfy people who enjoy the beach and nautical themes, as well as the fantastical world of mermaids. But more than that, Fishgirls is a story that shows that everyone's "happily ever after" can be found. Sometimes, the path to it is clear, and sometimes it is found in the most unexpected place, with--or without--the most unexpected person, and can even take years to find. The show reminds us to keep an open mind and to not ever give up on our own happy ending!

Casey: What drew you to the show from your initial reading of the script?

Shelly: It has the perfect amount of wit and sarcasm paired with a traditional love story.

Casey: From the research I’ve done, it appears this could very well be the regional premiere of this play. How does it feel to be directing a new show like this?

Shelly: I love the fact that I have a true clean slate--or stage, in this case--since this will be the first time most of our patrons will have seen this show. That is very exciting! Directing a "premiering" show is also a little terrifying, though, because I want to make sure I do it justice. I hope that my vision is the same as the playwright's!

Casey: What excites you most about this show?

Shelly: Definitely getting to work with this cast and crew. I think we have assembled a top-notch cast that includes some audience favorites, as well as a couple newcomers to our stage. We also have some great people behind the scenes helping us that bring a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Full cast.

Casey: You’ve directed multiple comedies for the Bobcat Players with great success. What makes a great comedy?

Shelly: There are certain stereotypical situations and types of people that make great comedies by default, but I also think timing and line delivery has a lot to do with it.

Casey: What’s next for you after Foolish Fishgirls and the Pearl?

Shelly: I have a week off after this show closes. Then I begin directing Hilda's Yard by Norm Foster for the Red Barn Players, which includes my husband and daughter in the cast. I will also start my final year in my pursuit of a business degree from Penn State, and of course continue working full time.

Rehearsals are already underway for this fresh comedy and set construction takes place June 17. Join us again in two weeks for an insider look at the world of our Sea Hags! Tickets will go on sale soon, so be sure to put Foolish Fishgirls and the Pearl on your calendar. The show runs July 14-15 and 20-22 with all performances beginning at 7:30 pm. We can't wait to "sea" you there!


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