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Quiet but not Silent

We have been quiet. Our theater has been dark and we have been working behind the scenes to try to figure out the best ways to stay engaged with you through social media. We've added an exciting new weekly game called Trivia Tuesday to our Facebook page, where we ask you to guess the show title and identify the actors. (The names of the winners will be entered for a drawing of two free tickets!) And we're working on putting together video content for you that will let you know just how much we miss the arts in our community.

You may have seen our announcement on our Facebook page that our summer outreach show, The President, has been postponed. Our outreach committee is still proceeding with the Pittsburgh New Works Festival and we hope to be able to update you on that soon!

But please don't mistake this quiet humming for silence. We are aware of the injustices happening nationwide and while we are not going to involve ourselves in politics, we do not believe that this particular issue is a political one. It is a human issue. So here is our stance:

We are committed to providing a safe place within our theater--and our theater is for everyone. Although our hometown is not particularly diverse, we hope that people of color know that they are welcome in our group--as audience members, as actors, as backstage participants, and in any other possible role. We do not claim to be experts on these matters and we know that we will make mistakes along the way, but we are actively listening and learning. We value you and your experience; we see you and we hope to be able to bring your stories to our stage in the future because we know just how important they are. Black lives matter here.

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