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One Man, Two Guvnors: Actor Spotlight!

In just 22 days, we open our first show of the new decade and we couldn't be more excited! Richard Bean's One Man, Two Guvnors runs March 27-28 and April 2-4 with all performances beginning at 7:30 pm. Tickets are on sale now for just $10, so don't wait to reserve yours!

One Man, Two Guvnors is a huge undertaking, but I was fortunate enough to be able to steal some time from a few of the fellows from the cast! Enjoy their insight below:

Casey: Please briefly introduce yourself, and also the character you play. What is the greatest similarity or difference between you and your character?

Meet Ken Frankenbery!

Ken: My name is Ken Frankenbery and this is my first production with the Bobcat Players. I got back into acting after a 20-year hiatus and have enjoyed it tremendously! I am also a singer (baritone) and have sang in numerous events over the past 41 years. I briefly play the role of barman, but my main focus One Man, Two Guvnors is the role of Alfie. Alfie is 87 years old (30 more than me) and walks very slow with balance problems, has cataracts, is near deaf, and has a newfangled (for 1963) pacemaker for his heart of which he has the ability to turn up or down at will. It is his first job as a waiter for the restaurant they are in and the experiences he has in the first scene he is introduced in are hilarious! Alfie is a nice gentleman overall and has the incredible ability to bounce back after numerous falls and smacks to the face. I really enjoy bringing out his character! As far as our similarities, the one obvious one is that he and I are both veterans--I did seven tours to the Middle East (supporting Iraq and Afghanistan) as an Air Force intelligence officer and can relate to some of his experiences (we have also both been to Turkey). Alfie is much older (by 30-years) than me but I feel enough aches and pains at 57 to be able to ‘act elderly’ fairly well. The biggest difference between us is that my health is thankfully good! However, it remains to be seen what kind if shape I’ll be in at 87 years (assuming I will still be alive then!).

Kevin: Kevin B. McGuire here and I'm playing the part of Harry Dangle, an ambulance-chasing attorney. Coming from a law enforcement background, I think we are opposites! This is my second show with the Bobcat Players.

Meet Jason Fernandez!

Jason: I play Lloyd Boateng. I was last seen onstage with the Bobcat Players in Something to Hide and my band, Neon Oranges, played pre-show music for most of the performances of A Streetcar Named Desire.

Josh: My name is Joshua Antoon and you probably know me as the president of the Bobcat Players. Or you might have last seen me onstage in our fall production of A Streetcar Named Desire. Either way, I am playing the role of Francis Henshall. The greatest similarity between Francis and myself is our love of food! Francis is desperately trying to eat some food throughout the entire first act. That is essentially me on a daily basis!

Casey: What was your first impression of the show and how has that changed since you’ve begun rehearsing?

Josh: As part of the Bobcat Players play Reading Committee, I read this play a few years ago and I knew right away that this would be a show our audiences would love. As I’ve been rehearsing this show, I realized just how funny and quick some of these jokes fly by. A lot of the audience members will not pick up on every single joke with just one viewing; therefore, I encourage everyone to come and see One Man, Two Guvnors multiple times!

Meet Kevin McGuire!

Kevin: My first impression of the show was not good, but once I read the script I realized that this show is a not so typical British farce, the characters have different British accents and there is quite a bit of slapstick, music and singing by the actors and that is why I think audiences will love this play.

Ken: I saw this play performed in 2017 at Little Lake Theatre and truly enjoyed it! It is side-splittingly hilarious. Two of the actors in that play (director Keith Zagorski and musical director Erin Bock) are also involved in this performance. From seeing it performed before, I was very happy to get the part of Alfie--I love comedy! So far, I have found the rehearsals are fun and cast members are already laughing time after time at the script even before we actually get good in performing it!

Jason: My first impression of the play was that it was a slapstick British comedy filled with fast-paced dialogue and physical comedy. Quirky, to say the least. I didn't think there was music involved, but I do love the tunes! Skiffle-style with that Mercy Beat--so popular during the early 1960's! That's when I really enjoyed the rehearsals as we progressed and got more familiar with the play.

Casey: What do you think makes this show unique and what would you say to encourage audiences to attend?

Jason: What makes this show unique is the story line. The characters are fresh. The relationships are filled with fun-filled surprises. The reactions and sense of being are priceless. The play keeps you guessing. The actions and dialogue are incredibly witty and much more.

Meet Joshua Antoon!

Josh: As Jason mentioned previously, one unique aspect of this show is the music element. I believe audience members will be pleasantly surprised by the songs performed between the scenes. Another unique aspect is breaking of the fourth wall. Many characters speak directly to the audience, and it makes for some very funny moments.

Ken: This play is unique in that it has songs the actors sing in between scene changes, is a farce to the extreme, has some audience participation as well as a few other surprises. If you like comedy, you need to see this show! It will help cure whatever problem or issue is ailing you... laughter is truly the best medicine!

If you don't already "like" our Facebook page, I'd really recommend you connect with us there. There will be upcoming content including videos of the cast that we really think you'll enjoy!

And don't forget to purchase your tickets for One Man, Two Guvnors! You can order online, reserve via our box office by calling (724) 494-1680, or purchase in person at the Hostess Gift Shoppe in Beaver. We can't wait to see you there--and stay tuned for a special teaser the night before opening!

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