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Red Herring: Teaser

Tonight, the Bobcat Players return to the stage after a summer hiatus--and we couldn't be more excited to present to you Michael Hollinger's Red Herring. That's right, folks; it's OPENING NIGHT! In case you were on the fence about attending our season special, here's just a few reasons we think you should join us this weekend:

  • Because you love the Bobcat Players!

  • Because you will love the fun chemistry between Lynn McCarthy (Jessica Boothe) and James Appel (Ryan Wagner) in a relationship that is sure to surprise!

  • Because hilarious comedies appeal to the masses!

  • Because Samantha A. Camp will make you laugh out loud with her many character voices!

  • Because you love the theatre!

  • Because Bruce Travers plays a convincing drunk!

  • Because you'll want to see this inventive set design that combines both imagination and technology!

  • Because everyone wants a heroine to root for--and ours is played by the adorable Mindy Williams!

  • Because everyone loves an ensemble piece where all the actors get to shine--and even better, this one is set in a classic time period!

  • Because Keith Zagorski's Russian accent--and pantomime--is not to be missed!

  • Because you only have four chances to see this contemporary comedy before it's too late!

Shall we go on? But on a more serious note, we truly do believe you will enjoy Red Herring. After all, who doesn't love a good comedy AND a good mystery? Pair that with a flair of film noir, evocative music, a talented cast lead by experienced director Barbara Burgess-Lefebvre, and you've got yourself a show that's sure to be a hit! Red Herring runs September 26-29 and tickets are still available for all performances. Thursday, Friday and Saturday performances begin at 7:30 pm with a special Sunday matinee at 3 pm. You can purchase online here, in person at the Hostess Gift Shoppe, or reserve with our box office by calling (724) 494-1680.

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