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Status Report

The Bobcat Players are ramping up for our 2019 season and there is so much we want you to know about:

  • Auditions are underway with more happening tonight and Saturday! We are seeing many new people schedule and are excited to give you the best possible season we can. There is still time to set up your audition, but maybe onstage isn't where you feel most comfortable--and we totally understand that. If you're interested in participating behind the scenes or in a "front of house" position, please let us know! We're always happy to add more members to the Bobcat family.

  • Our outreach program is hitting the town with Bobcats After Dark: Survival of the Fittest! On January 25, we'll be performing a reader's theatre of eight vignettes at Cafe Kolache on the main street of Beaver. Tickets are on sale now and seating is VERY limited, so don't delay in joining us next week! For only $15, you'll see our performance, enjoy a gourmet pastry platter, and savor a fresh brewed coffee or tea. You can purchase here.

  • In August, we announced our hopes to create a competition for budding young playwrights. We received four creative submissions that will hit our stage next month. Prior to that date, members of our outreach committee will meet with those junior high students to focus on streamlining and editing. The final reading will take place February 21 at 7 pm with light refreshments. Family and friends of these future playwrights are encouraged to attend this free event.

  • We are working on finalizing all of our show dates for the season, which means our postcards will be going out in the coming months! If you'd like to be included on our mailing list, please contact us through the website or send an e-mail to

  • Our board has changed dramatically from last year! Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but there were definite shifts. Our matriarch Dolores Dowlin retired, and actress Erin Berger Riccardi stepped down as well. We are so thankful for their contributions to our group over the years and know that we will be seeing them often. The most significant change happened with our officers. Joshua Antoon has taken over as President, with Keith Zagorski stepping into Vice Presidency. The roles of Corresponding and Recording Secretary have been combined into one, now run by Shelly Cary. Patty Hamilton remains Treasurer and Patti Ross continues as Artistic Director. We are appreciative of the board members who have stepped into these important positions, as well as incredibly thankful for those who have maintained their leadership roles.

There are definitely some more plans in the works, but nothing we can announce to you yet. (You know we'll keep you posted.) We hope you will consider getting involved with us and that you've enjoyed this edition of our #TheatreThursday blog!

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