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In the Kitchen...

July is here, which means we're one step closer to serving you our summer show, Marcia Kash & Douglas E. Hughes' Too Many Cooks. And if you're wondering about the progress being made, feel free to head over to our Facebook page for photographs from rehearsals. Costumes are arriving and the set is going up Saturday. Our Facebook . We're really cooking here!

Despite the fact that all aspects of this show are moving along quickly, I was fortunate to sit down with its director, Rosh Raines (pictured below), to discuss what's happening off-stage--or in the kitchen--of Too Many Cooks.

Casey: Rosh, you're new to the Bobcat Players this year, so on behalf of all of us, I just want o welcome you and thank you for taking on this show. We're so happy to have you and hope it's a wonderful experience for you. Since our following may not be familiar with you, would you mind giving a brief description of yourself and your theatre experience?

Rosh: I grew up in Ohioville and started acting in plays in my church and with Sunrise Theatre. In high school, I attended Beaver County Christian School where my English Teacher, Mrs. Stacie Vesolich, introduced me to Shakespeare and Classical theater. I was hooked. In college, I changed my focus from Acting to Directing. After college, I went out and acted professionally, most notably 3.5 years as an actor at Sight and Sound Theatres in Lancaster, PA. I moved back to this area and continued to act, but really started to pursue directing more. I have directed mainly in the academic world, including Geneva College, Rochester High School, Beaver County Christian School, and Duquesne University to name a few. I am a full time Resident Artist at Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School where I teach at the Charter School and direct shows for the Center. My past directorial credits there include Jane Austen's Emma, Anne of Green Gables, An Ideal Husband, Elf the Musical Jr., James and the Giant Peach Jr., and The Great Gatsby. I am looking forward to the next season where I am directing The Addams Family Young@Part and The Three Musketeers.

C: Wow! So what is the most rewarding part of directing for you?

R: Hands down, it is seeing the progress the actors make in rehearsal. To go from just reading lines that someone else wrote, to making them come alive and breath in their characters--it's just an amazing process and I love witnessing those moments of discovery. I love seeing the big picture and watching it come together--and ultimately having an audience come and enjoy the vision on stage.

C: You also brought on your own assistant director (pictured right). What makes you two such a great team?

R: Natalie Benson is my Assistant Director. She graduated from Lincoln Park two years ago, and has a great director's eye. She is also very organized! I can be very artistic in my organization, which means I can be a bit scatter-brained. Natalie keeps me on track. I am excited to see her put her stamp on this production as well.

C: What drew you to the script of Too Many Cooks and what would you say to encourage audiences who are unfamiliar with the play to attend?

R: Well, I had never heard of this play before I was approached about it, but I laughed the entire time reading it. It's a really fun play with mistaken identities and funny accents, but mainly I love that there is not a dull moment. The excitement starts at the beginning and it keeps on going till the very last moment. What drew me most was also the Bobcat Players and the town of Beaver itself. I have seen a few shows with the Bobcat Players, and I have always been impressed with their professionalism and how the town gets behind them. I love that about Beaver; they really support their own arts and businesses. Not a lot of towns do that! There really is Beaver Pride felt in this theater.

Tickets are on sale now for Too Many Cooks, and we really encourage you to make sure you reserve yours now. We predict this show will be a sell-out so you don't want to miss it! Here's what you need to know:

WHO: The Bobcat Players, of course!

WHAT: A Contemporary Farce by Marcia Kash & Douglas E. Hughes entitled Too Many Cooks.

WHEN: Too Many Cooks runs July 20, 21, 26, 27, and 28 with all performances beginning at 7:30 pm.

WHERE: The Ed Schaughency Theater in Beaver Area High School, Beaver, PA.

WHY: For the love of theatre, of course! And laughter. There will be lots of laughter.

HOW: You can purchase tickets at the Hostess Gift Shoppe in Beaver or online. You can also reserve with our box office by calling (724) 494-1680. Tickets are only $10 (online sales subject to processing fee) and seats are general admission.

Stay tuned: our next blog post will come out the night before Too Many Cooks opens and will feature a sneak-peek review!

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