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A Letter from Our Matriarch

Dear Audiences,

Casey has done such a great job with her blogs so I could not refuse when she asked me, as self-appointed matriarch of the group, to put something together about my years with the Bobcat Players. So, here goes:

Dolores and founder Frank Myers.

I have always enjoyed live theater, so after I retired from my teaching position I was interested in attending the organizational meeting of the newly formed Bobcat Players Community Theater. This meeting was in 2001 and was conducted by its founder, Frank Myers, another retired teacher.

My first experiences with the group were as a member of the stage crew for several years. In 2004, Patti Ross and Frank asked if I would be interested in auditioning for the cast of Steel Magnolias. Thus began my switch from stage crew to being on stage for the first time at age 68! For the next twelve or so years, it was my privilege to appear in shows almost every season.

In 2006, I was asked to become a member of the board of directors. I served as the recording secretary for many years and currently am primarily involved with the publicity committee. Being on the board has helped me realize how much work and dedication is put into our productions. Every member is committed to the success of the shows, each one according to his or her expertise.

In 2009 Frank asked me to join him in our first Outreach project, a comedic vignette. We presented this at sixteen various community venues over a period of a year and a half. There was no charge for these presentations but it was suggested that each group, if they so desired, could make a donation to the Beaver Library. As a result of this project, there are now sixteen new books in the Theater Arts section of the library.

Bobcat Players involved in ANYTHING GOES!

Just when I thought my days on stage had come to an end, Patti asked me to fill in for a part in Anything Goes, the Beaver high school musical this year. My role, of all things, was an old lady in a wheelchair (pictured far right without the wheelchair). I had one line and my “nurse” made sure I was where I needed to be on stage. Just think, 82 years old and my first high school musical! It was a delight working with so many talented young people. Perhaps they will continue to be interested in live theater!

If I had not been involved for all of those years, I would have missed out on meeting dozens of people who have left me with memories of many happy years together. Speaking of which, you are never too young or too old to join our group. Regardless of your interest, whether on or off stage, we encourage you to contact us for information.

All the Best,


Editor's Note: We are incredibly grateful for Dolores loyal and lengthy service with the Bobcat Players. Her involvement has been critical to the development of our group and we are so happy that she continues to serve on the board of directors. Like Dolores said, the Bobcat Players aims to be a place for anyone with a variety of interests in theatre and we always welcome new volunteers. If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact us at

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