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We Want YOU!

As you may have heard, extreme weather conditions caused our first day of auditions to be canceled--which means TODAY kicks off our 2018 season auditions! We are asking all of you to remain very patient with us, as we are working through a lot of rescheduling, but we are so excited to see all of your talent!

However, some of you reading this may be interested in getting involved, but feel like onstage isn't the best place for you. And some of you may not get cast (due to the decrease in roles this season) but still want to participate. Good news: we are always looking for reliable people who want to volunteer with our group!

I asked each committee leader to tell us what positions they are looking to fill in 2018. Check out their answers below and see if any of these interest you!

Brandon: We are always looking for people to help with set construction! Whether you want to swing a hammer or paint a wall, we're happy to have anyone join. Plus, this usually only takes place four times a year, so it's not a huge commitment--even if you can only join us once, we'd be grateful!

Erin: The traditional publicity committee is looking for ticket sellers for the nights of our shows. Our electronic publicity committee is looking for people who are willing to help with various aspects of our social media.

Josh: In terms of the tech committee, I'm really looking for people that are interested in learning behind the scenes of production. People that like technology are key--especially since we have upgraded our lighting board and are completely digital with our music & sound! Someone who is part of the tech committee will have the opportunity to learn not only how to run a lighting board, but also how to program the board! Also, a tech director doesn't have a huge commitment other than the final couple of weeks. So here's my pitch: Do you like theatre? Do you like tech? Join us to support the production in one of the most important aspects of the stage!

Pat: We are always in need of producers. Producers are in charge of communication and organization within each production--with tasks ranging from making sure cast bios make the program deadline to recruiting house managers for each show night.

Andrew: We need at least two stage managers for our 2018 season. Stage managers are an integral part of show nights, because they are responsible for setting the stage before shows, making set changes during the performance, and cleaning up afterwards. We'd love to show you the ropes if you're willing to commit!

Patti: Our Outreach committee has grown quite ambitious, so could certainly use some manpower (and woman power) for our shows. Anyone who can help to sell tickets, usher, do tech (even when we go on the road!), help us with music, and/or create publicity information would be welcomed with open arms. When we go on the road, we lug stuff (and by the way, that stuff has to be painted and prepped beforehand!) and when we are in house, we operate just like a regular production. So if anyone can help in those respects, we would put you to use--and soon! On The Edge goes up at the end of February for two weekends. Looking beyond my committee, I'd like to emphasize our vital need for producers. We also need to more people to learn the ropes of tech and stage management; it would be good to even have people waiting in the wings who are capable.

We hope some of these positions have sparked your interest! Even if you don't feel confident enough to take on these task alone, don't fear! We'll work with you. And as much as we'd love to have you give one of these a try, we'd still really love to hear from you, even if none strike your fancy. We're always open to suggestions, so if you have an idea of where you'd be most helpful, let us know! If you want to get involved, we'll find a place for you. We simply can't be a community theatre without our community!

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