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Sneak Peak Preview!

Last night, I was given the opportunity to have a sneak peak preview of Patti Ross's A Very Oblonski Valentine. Though I only saw the second act, I can promise there are a lot of laughs in "store" here. Tickets are selling quickly, so don't forget to reserve yours today by simply calling our box office (724) 494-1680! You can also purchase at the Hostess Gift Shoppe in Beaver or online. Additional information is available online.

A Very Oblonski Valentine centers around the lives of three lovable brothers who run the Oblonski’s Tool Die, Hardware & Feed Store. (They were the audience favorite in Patti Ross's Unexpected Gifts, and the audience's reaction inspired this sort-of sequel.) Alexander Andres as Archie is dopey in the best of ways. Russ Russell as Butch is hilariously awkward and alarmist. Robert Eric Armstrong as Chubby is the perfect foil to the more innocent nature of his older siblings. Their antics are incredibly realistic of brothers, whether they are at the center of the action or in the background of other scenes.

Frank Myers is endearing as the town historian, Josiah Putnam. His monologues make you smile and immediately put you at ease. Jennie Bushnell is petite and sweet as Lily Gradisak, a woman in love. Johanna Lord is perfectly cast D.J., and her final scene with the Oblonski brothers is heartwarming. Maura Underwood is truly a strong and confident presence as Sadie Guildenstern; her energy onstage stands out.

Theo Reddinger and Keith Zagorski will undoubtedly cause hysteria in their roles as the Gregory brothers; one "number" in particular will surely stand out to audiences. Erin Berger impresses with her accent and shows great range as Consuela Blanco de la Nueve. Kelly Follmer is suitably demanding and infuriating as Ursula Von Beringer. Steph Carhart as Helenka Lewandowski raises everyone's hopes as Archie's final--and seemingly perfect--match. But nothing is, of course, as easy as it seems...

I am not typically one to laugh out loud at shows, but I could hardly contain myself watching the dress rehearsal of the second act. I truly encourage you to support your local theatre by attending the world premiere of artistic director Patti Ross's A Very Oblonski Valentine. This feel-good comedy is the perfect closer of our 2017 season, and I know you'll be sorry if you don't attend. A Very Oblonski Valentine runs November 10, 11, 16, 17, and 18, with all performances beginning at 7:30 pm. Tickets are only $10--so there's no excuse to miss this great ensemble piece! I know I can't wait!

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