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Meet the Boys... and Girls!

Tom Griffin's The Boys Next Door will open our 2017 season on May 5-6 and 11-13. This heartwarming comedy focuses on the lives of four mentally-challenged men who live together in a group home. This classic will take you on a roller-coaster ride of emotions and we're very excited to bring it to the stage.

Leading the way is our experienced director, Dave Neuhart! You may remember Dave from his recent performances in What I Did For Love and The Good Doctor, and we know you've loved his work as a director in the past--he directed last year's smash hit, Exit Laughing! The Boys Next Door is very close to Dave's heart and will be his fourth time directing it, so we know you're in for a treat!

Dave will be assisted by Patty Hamilton, our Treasurer and the head of our Stage Management committee. Last year, Patty was the assistant director for The Good Doctor and she also acted in What I Did For Love. Her expertise is highly regarded in this group and we know she'll bring a fresh eye to this show.

Carolee Shearer joins us for the first time as stage manager. Bill Mackaly, who produced last year's Boeing Boeing, will produce The Boys Next Door and will also take on the role of Mr. Klemper. Similarly, the cast is a mix of new actors and beloved favorites.

Will Rutherford, who acted and directed in What I Did For Love, takes on the role of Jack Palmer, the social worker who cares for the four men. This will mark his first mainstage production with us. Eric Armstrong, who provided professional accompaniment for The Good Doctor, will act as the male ensemble, playing multiple characters.

You probably remember board member Joshua Antoon from his recent roles in What I Did For Love and The Good Doctor. Josh has performed in multiple productions of The Boys Next Door, but this is the first time he takes on the role of Norman Bulansky. He's excited to approach the show as a different character, and feels confident audiences will really enjoy the world of The Boys Next Door.

Andrew Mayle will play Arnold Wiggins and is excited for the challenge playing a character like Arnold presents. Andrew is an active board member with the Bobcat Players; he was most recently seen onstage in What I Did For Love and co-produced last year's Exit Laughing.

Our first-time cast members include Elisha Carleton, Scott Hamilton, Catherine Hayashi, and Olivia Paolini. Elisha Carleton will play the comedic and profound role of Lucien P. Smith. Although it will be his first time with the Bobcat Players, Elisha is no stranger to the stage, having previously performed at Beaver County Christian School. Scott Hamilton, a regular performer with the local community theatre R-ACT, joins us for the first time in the complex role of Barry Klemper. We know these men will bring great depth to this production in these dynamic roles and we're excited to see it onstage!

Catherine Hayashi and Olivia Paolini bring some much-needed femininity to this male-dominated cast. Catherine will play the role of Sheila, Norman's girlfriend, and Olivia takes on multiple characters as the female ensemble. Both women had fantastic auditions and we're confident in the talent they both bring to The Boys Next Door. Please join us in welcoming these new members to the Bobcat Players!

Rehearsals have already started for this production, and we'll be providing more behind-the-scences information along the way. You can also find more real-time posts on our Facebook page, so be sure to like us there! Tickets are not yet on sale for The Boys Next Door, but are $10 each and all shows will begin at 7:30 pm. Stay tuned for our next entry featuring highlights from the Bobcats Social, taking place tomorrow!

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