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Love... and What's Next!

We'd like to thank those of you who helped make What I Did For Love a tremendous success! This "labor of love" wouldn't have been possible without the commitment of our outreach committee and the fifteen actors who dedicated their time & talent. It also wouldn't have been possible without our audiences! We were incredibly pleased to announce that What I Did For Love sold out days before the performance. This marked the first time we brought our annual outreach show to our stage, and we were welcomed with open arms.

This show was a different experience for audience members--not only because of the delicious treats, but also because of the rewards! Everyone had the opportunity to win $10 gift cards that corresponded to each vignette. For example: our first one-act was "When Violet Met Watson," written by Susan Goodell. The plot revolves around a woman named Violet who keeps meeting various online dates, all named Watson, for coffee. One lucky audience member won a $10 Starbucks gift card in honor of this show! Other gift card giveaways included Victoria's Secret, Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe, Best Buy, Hollywood Gardens, and more.

We also gave away a pair of season tickets! Though we had intended to give them to the couple that had been married the longest (61 years!), we ended up giving it the second-longest married couple (58 years!), since our board member Dolores and her husband backed out of the running. Congratulations to all who won and to all of those amazing couples in attendance! We were astonished at how many had been married for so long, and we hope we gave you a great date night.

What I Did For Love was a delicious teaser for what will prove to be a stand-out season! Check out our Facebook page for pictures of the performances and details on each vignette. Our next show, Tom Griffin's The Boys Next Door, opens in May. Stay tuned for our next entry--where you'll meet the cast and learn more about the show's fearless director, Dave Neuhart!

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