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The Setup: Your Cordial Invitation

Consider this your formal invitation to our production of The Setup by PJ Roup at the 2019 Pittsburgh New Works Festival!

From left to right: Kadlecik, Bock, Gibson, Pierce, Lasswell.

Who? The Bobcat Players, of course! More specifically, The Setup is being produced by Patti Ross, directed by Shelly Cary, and stage managed by Veronica White. We are excited to welcome Erin Bock, Gwen Gibson, Brian Kadlecik, Andrew Lasswell, and Jenine Peirce to the Bobcat Player family and look forward to their performances in September!

What? The Setup is a comedy about what can happen when you try to "setup" your friends. We talked to Brian Kadlecik who plays Ronald, the character who is unknowingly on a blind date, about his thoughts on the script. "My initial reaction was that I loved it! The script is hilarious and the characters are different from what you're used to seeing," Kadlecik said. "Come see a blind date with a twist!"

When? We are excited to be part of program A, which means we have five performances during the first two weeks of September. That means The Setup will take place on: September 5 (Thursday) at 8 pm, September 7 (Saturday) at 4 pm, September 8 (Sunday) at 2 pm, September 13 (Friday) at 8 pm, and September 14 (Saturday) at 8 pm.

Where? All performances take place at the Genesius Theater at Duquesne University. The exact address is 600 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15282.

Why? We hope you'll be inspired to come because you support our group and the arts! However, we recognize that attending the Pittsburgh New Works Festival is probably something our main audience has never done. For that reason, we deferred to actress Jenine Peirce, who is playing Angela and has participated in the Festival for years: "The Pittsburgh New Works Festival provides an interesting opportunity to see what the theater companies of Pittsburgh can do. It's a lot of talent from all over the area in one space over 4+ weekends."

How? Ticket information can be found here. You can buy a single performance ticket or a pass for the whole festival!

We'll continue to post about The Set-Up on our Facebook page, so look for updates there! And stay tuned for a new post in two weeks about our next mainstage production, Red Herring by Michael Hollinger.

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