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Enchanted April: Teaser!

Enchanted April kicked off our 2019 season on Friday, April 5 to a practically sold-out crowd! Under the smart direction of Jessica Patterson-Galayda, the cast brought to life Matthew Barber's romantic comedy--and the hope for brighter days.

Enchanted April is the charming story of two married Englishwomen who are looking for a little sunshine in their lives--whether they realize it or not. Charlotte "Lotty" Wilton is the protagonist who is determined to take a holiday for the month of April. She convinces the restrained Rose Arnott to join her, and the two begin to plot their escape to Italy. Together, Lotty and Rose advertise for two prospective housemates for their adventure--and find themselves with only two responses. The first is from a Lady Caroline Bramble, a young socialite with a strong independent air, and the second is a Mrs. Graves, an older widow who adheres to a strict code of propriety--and expects everyone else to, as well. There are great differences between the four women; and yet, they decide to travel forward together, each one with a lesson to learn ahead.

Jennifer Kopach is the driving force behind the show as Lotty, bubbling over with energy and positivity. Kopach truly shines as she breathes life into this lovable character; this is her best role yet with the Bobcat Players. Shelly Cary as Rose Arnott provides a stark contrast to Lotty as the solemn wife with a painful past. Rose has the greatest transformation ahead, and Cary beautifully develops that character arc throughout the two acts. Kopach and Cary together are delightful--their chemistry is both hilarious and endearing.

Both Lotty and Rose are equally as different from their own husbands as they are from each other. David A. Cary, as Mellersh Wilton, is almost fatherly in his stern attitude with Lotty. Act two "reveals" quite a change in his character as well--but you'll have to attend to see just what we mean! Ernie Mancing pulls at your heartstrings as Frederick Arnott, still in love with his wife Rose, despite the coldness between them.

In act two, we learn more about Anthony Wilding, the owner of the Italian castle, and we meet the sassy housekeeper, Constanza. J. Daniel Craig is immediately likable as Anthony and keeps the audience on its toes, trying to guess his motivations. Mary Romeo keeps everyone laughing as Constanza, despite the fact that she speaks only in Italian. Her pantomime and facial expressions are more than enough to get her point across--and she has the audience eating out of the palm of her hands.

Though Rose and Lotty have escaped their husbands, they are faced with the challenges of living with someone new--and Caroline Bramble & Mrs. Graves don't prove to be the easiest ladies to lunch with. Chelsea Kikel as Caroline Bramble is both stand-offish and intriguing, feigning headaches at the soonest sign of human interaction. There is a childlike quality of wanting that makes her relatable and yet she shows maturity beyond her years at times. Barbara Trehar as Mrs. Graves is a clear audience favorite; her years of experience onstage show in both her stage presence and comedic timing.

But of course, you didn't think the husbands would give up on Rose and Lotty that easily, did you? Chaos naturally ensues when the husbands arrive in Italy, but you'll just have to buy a ticket to know how this show ends. Fortunately, there are still seats available for each remaining performance! Join us tonight, tomorrow, or Saturday when the curtain rises at 7:30 pm. You won't want to miss this sweet comedy with a good old-fashioned happy ending! Tickets for Enchanted April are only $10 and can be purchased online. You can also reserve with our box office by calling (724) 494-1680 or buy in person at the Hostess Gift Shoppe in Beaver. Come and fall in love with the theater!

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