2020 Season

One Man Two Guvnors - Postponed Until Further  Notice

A Comedy

By Richard Bean

Directed by Keith Zagorski

Opening the season is our postponed summer 2019 show, One Man, Two Guvnors, a hilarious farce adapted from the 18th century A Servant to Two Masters.


Francis Henshall is a man with an enormous appetite and no meal in sight. But that’s just one of his problems as he finds himself in Brighton, England, in 1962. Fired from a skiffle band, embroiled in a fix with small time gangsters, employed simultaneously by two demanding masters, Francis isn’t sure if he’s coming or going – or going quite bonkers. Add the fact that one of the “guvnors” is a girl disguised as her dead twin brother. Add a highly affected actor who milks every dramatic moment. Add a musical score of 60s songs for multiples of entertaining scenarios. A Broadway hit of 2014, this show is sure to leave everyone hungry for more.


Veteran actor, director, and board officer Keith Zagorski will take over the direction of this show in the departure of our friend and fellow director, Lora Oxenreiter, who stepped down for health reasons. Keith last sat in the director’s chair for the masterful mystery, Something to Hide, which inaugurated our 2018 season. Since then he has taken the stage in two specials, The Drawer Boy and Red Herring. Accolades are extended to the Guvnors cast, which largely has remained intact. In the titular role is Joshua Antoon, the Bobcat Players’ president, most recently seen as Mitch in A Streetcar Named Desire. Joining him are Bobcat Player veterans Jere Antonetti; Valerie Boyce (Something to Hide); Jason Fernandez (Something to Hide); Johanna Lord (A Very Oblonski Valentine); Kevin McGuire (Too Many Cooks); and Michael Prest (Something to Hide). Along for the rollicking ride are newcomers Tiffany Belcufine, Xander Boots, Ken Frankenbery and Eric McAnallen. Also joining the company is musical consultant Erin Bock, who worked with the Bobcat Players in their New Works production of The Setup.

The Gentleman  Clothier - Postponed Until Further  Notice

A Comedy
By Norm Foster

Directed by Valerie Boyce

This is the cautionary tale of Norman Davenport, a tailor who is about to open his own fashionable men’s store in Halifax, Canada. It is a dream come true where his clientele can expect elegance, impeccable service, and high fashion style. But try as he might to find fulfillment in this grand achievement, Norman cannot help but feel he is misplaced in the twenty-first century and would love nothing better than to be a part of the genteel and unhurried Victorian age. With the help of a charming and attractive customer, and two employees, a young girl who is a skilled seamstress and a man who is a jack of all trades, Norman learns to re-examine the fabric of his life. In doing so he discovers some blunt truths in the cliche “Be careful what you wish for.”

Several years ago Valerie Boyce flew in on the wings of Boeing, Boeing, and she’s been flying high with the Bobcat Players ever since. A new member of the board of directors, she has amassed acting credits in Decision Height and Something to Hide, and she has assisted in the direction of The Drawer Boy. Now she is a full-fledged director who pilots our first season special, The Gentleman Clothier, a gentle and reflective comedy with a cast of four. The Bobcat Players welcome Valerie to the directors’ circle and look forward to seeing her work unfold onstage.

The President (Outreach) - Cancelled

A Comedy

By Michael Hollinger
Directed by Patti Ross


A noir comedy that begins with a murder in Boston Harbor and ventures to Joe McCarthy’s home in middle America and to the Southwest deserts where the nuclear bomb is being tested, this show has it all. It’s a love story, a nostalgic look at America in the early 1950s, a murder mystery, and most of all a comedy of epic proportions. Meet hard-nosed New England detectives, disgruntled FBI agents, naïve Midwestern maidens, and Soviet spies who all have one thing in common: a desperate need for love and commitment in a crazy, Communist ridden world.

The Revlon Girl - Postponed Until Further  Notice

A Drama
By Neil Anthony Docking
Directed by Josh Antoon

The time is 1966; the place is the small Welsh village of Aberfan. Six months earlier a terrible tragedy has occurred, forever altering the lives of these humble, hardscrabble townsfolk. Now, a small group of mothers meets in a church basement to share their stories, combat their grief, and attempt to pick up the shattered pieces of their lives. To help them ease their pain, they turn to the Revlon girl, a young and naive cosmetics representative who helps to transform them with a wave of her mascara wand. Based on a true story, this is a beautiful saga of fragility, loss, and sisterhood in the face of senseless devastation. Ultimately, it is a tribute to a strong band of women intent upon re-discovering and re-claiming the beauty they have been denied.

Our second season special is scheduled for September. The Bobcat Players are excited to bring to the stage the new drama, The Revlon Girl. The director of this challenging work is board president Josh Antoon, who last directed the memorable dark comedy, The Drawer Boy. Antoon already has begun research, set design, and strategies for this highly moving piece.

Lucky Stiff  - Fall Show - Postponed Until Further  Notice

A Musical Mystery Farce

Directed by Susan Metelsky
Music by Stephen Flaherty
Book & Lyrics by Lynn Aherns


The Bobcat Players are long overdue for the production of a musical, and we proudly announce our plan to do one this season. Rounding out our slate of shows is the hilarious murder mystery musical, Lucky Stiff, a zany production by the award-winning team of Ragtime and Seussical the Musical.


Harry Witherspoon, an unassuming shoe salesman, comes home after a hard day’s work to discover an unusual telegram. An uncle he never has met, a manager of a casino in New Jersey, has died and intends to leave him millions - provided he takes the embalmed but decidedly dead body to Monte Carlo and to pass him off as very much alive. On arrival, Harry discovers more characters in pursuit of his Uncle Anthony’s money than he ever wagered. Needless to say, hilarity, mistaken identifies, and catchy show tunes ensue. We’re gambling on the fact that you’ll love this production.


The director may be new to the Bobcat Players, but she is a fixture in Beaver Area High School’s arts and music program. Susan Metelsky makes her Bobcat Player debut with this absurdly funny story of a man who enlists his nephew to wheel his corpse around Monte Carlo. Casino after casino, beach after beach, this multi-millionaire shady character controls the destiny of his nephew and a cast of other winners and losers; he is one lucky stiff at that. Check out Metelsky’s work this coming March with her spring musical production of the nostalgic My Favorite Year.