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A Farce by Richard Bean
Directed by Erin Bock

Francis Henshall is a man with an enormous appetite and no meal in sight. But that’s
just one of his problems as he finds himself in Brighton, England, in 1962. Fired from a
skiffle band, embroiled in a fix with small-time gangsters, employed simultaneously by
two demanding masters, Francis isn’t sure if he’s coming or going – or going quite
bonkers. Add the fact that one of the “guvnors” is a girl disguised as her dead twin
brother. Add a highly affected actor who milks every dramatic moment. Add a musical
score of 60s songs for multiples of entertaining scenarios. A Broadway hit of 2014, this
show is sure to leave everyone hungry for more!

A Comedy by A. R. Gurney
Directed by Johnny Gallagher

It’s the mid forties and World War II is nearing its end in Europe and the Pacific. On the
home front, the rebellious fourteen-year-old Charlie is engaged in his own war between
growing up in an upper crust boarding school environment and lashing out against his
family’s conservative values. While his father is fighting overseas, he is summering
with his mother and sister in their lakefront vacation home. While there he meets a
bohemian woman who will change his views on life. This autobiographical comedy is
filled with nostalgia but also fueled by questions of class and privilege in a time when
America is reeling from the impact of actual and metaphorical battlefronts.

A Farce by Ferenc Molnar translated by Morwyn Brebner
Directed by Patti Ross

Norrison is a mid-century business tycoon who prides himself on his impeccable
organizational skills and his facility in controlling his underlings. He is about to embark
on an eagerly anticipated vacation when his wealthy young ward, Lydia, comes to him
with a serious problem. While under his tutelage she has met and married a man of
humble origins and dubious reputation. Her strict, snobbish parents are due to retrieve
their seemingly innocent daughter in an hour’s time. The task before Norrison is
enormous: transform this sow’s ear of a husband into a silk purse before their imminent
arrival. Will it be impossible or easy as 1 2 3?

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