The Gentleman Clothier

Thursday, September 29 - Curtain: 7:30PM

Friday, September 30 - Curtain: 7:30PM

Saturday, October 1 - Curtain: 7:30PM

Sunday, October 2 - Curtain: 2:00PM

Our season special, The Gentleman Clothier, is a charming contemporary comedy by Canadian playwright Norm Foster. This is the cautionary tale of Norman Davenport, a tailor who is about to open his own fashionable men’s store in Halifax, Canada. It is a dream come true where his clientele can expect elegance, impeccable service, and high fashion style. But try as he might to find fulfillment in this grand achievement, Norman cannot help but feel he is misplaced in the twenty-first century and would love nothing better than to be a part of the genteel and unhurried Victorian age. With the help of a charming and attractive customer, and two employees, a young girl who is a skilled seamstress and a man who is a jack of all trades, Norman learns to re-examine the fabric of his life. In doing so he discovers some blunt truths in the cliche “Be careful what you wish for.”


Lucky Stiff

Friday, November 11 - Curtain: 7:30PM

Saturday, November 12 - Curtain: 7:30PM

Thursday, November 17 - Curtain: 7:30PM

Friday, November 18 - Curtain: 7:30PM

Saturday, November 19 - Curtain: 7:30PM

We close our season with a hilarious musical mystery farce, Lucky Stiff, with music by Stephen Flaherty and book and lyrics by Lynn Aherns. We are excited to bring to our stage our first musical in years, this zany production by the award-winning team of Ragtime and Seussical the Musical. Harry Witherspoon, an unassuming shoe salesman, comes home after a hard day’s work to discover an unusual telegram. An uncle he never has met, a manager of a casino in New Jersey, has died and intends to leave him millions - provided he takes the embalmed, decidedly dead body to Monte Carlo and to pass him off as very much alive. On arrival, Harry discovers more characters in pursuit of his Uncle Anthony’s money than he ever wagered. Needless to say, hilarity, mistaken identifies, and catchy show tunes ensue. We’re gambling on the fact that you’ll love this production...