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September 12, 13, 18, 19, 20 – Please Note all shows 8:00PM

Patti Ross - Director
Patti is a retired English and Theater Teacher with the Freedom Area School District. She currently resides in Aliquippa.
Brandon Fowler - Assistant Director
Brandon is a project manager for Horizon Information Services and a resident of Brighton Township.


Tom Mirth as Harry Brock
Tom is a Lumber Broker and Professional Actor residing in North Hills.
His character in his words: "Harry Brock is not a villain. He's a thug and a brute who really does love Billie in his own way, albeit a very dysfunctional and unhealthy way."
Casey Novak as Billie Dawn
Casey is an Office Manager at Novak Auto Parts, Inc. and Freelance Writer for Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center and a Professional Actress. She resides in New Sewickley Township.

Her character in her words: "One of the characteristics I find so fascinating about the character of Billie Dawn is how brave she is. It takes real strength to put yourself out there and rise above your circumstances; yet somehow, she finds it within herself to do both things with incredible determination... and success."
Keith Zagorski as Ed Devery
Keith is the Director of Transportation for WESCO Distribution, Inc. and resides in Beaver.

His character in his words: "Ed Devery is a flawed man who understands what he should be and realizes his shortcomings, but he doesn't have the will to change."
Mike Prest as Paul Verrall
Mike is Managing Director of Brightway Insurance and resisdes in Conway.

His character in his words: "Something I feel that is unique about Paul Verrall is that a he seems to be the only cast member that doesn't fear Harry Brock (at least until the end, when Billie no longer does either). He is well ware of Harry's power and influence, yet he sees right through him.  My perspective is that Paul sees or has seen a lot of men like Harry throughout his Washington reporting career and doesn't get phased by it because he believes the right thing will always prevail in the end."
Bill Mackaly as Eddie Brock
Bill Mackaly is a retired accountant/business & finance teacher residing in Chippewa Township.

His character in his words: "Eddie enjoys all the good things that being Harry’s stooge bring to him.  He deals with the bad things Harry makes him do by simply not thinking about them. His line to Billie in Act 3 sums up his approach to life.  “Listen, don’t get me thinkin’.  I got enough trouble now.”
Dave Neuhart as Senator Norval Hedges
Dave is a Family Law Attorney who resides in McCandless.

His character in his words: "My character is Senator Norval Hedges, a politician who has become burned out and is willing to sell his influence."
Pat Depenhart as Anna Hedges
Pat is a retired English Teacher with the Beaver Area School District and resides in Raccoon Township.

Her character in her words: "A pretentious member of Washing DC's high society, this senator's wife is both bewildered and repulsed when she encounters the behavior and rhetoric of Harry Brock and Billie Dawn."
Dawn Fowler as Helen
Dawn is a Respiratory Therapist who resides in Brighton Township.

Her character in her words: "My character is a blue collar hard-working woman. She is very intelligent and her dreams go far beyond a dust pan and broom. She is very conscious of the changing times and can see the corruption that comes with greed and selfish ambitions. She quietly watches the damage that comes with a lust for power."
Patty Hamilton as Manicurist
Patty resides in Beaver and is the business manager for the family business, Hamilton Tools.
John Morabito as Hotel Manager, Barber
John is a project manager for American Eagle Enterprises and lives in Coraopolis.
Ken Depenhart as Bootblack, Bellhop
Ken is a retired Quality Assurance with AT&T Network Systems; part-time Verizon Mobil Tech and SQA Quality Top Engineering who resides in Racoon Township.
The Crew


Technical Director

Technical Assistant

Stage Manager

Stage Crew


Special Set Construction

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House Management


Box Office Management

Ticket Sales



Pat Depenhart

Donna Glabb

Debbie Baycur

Patty Hamilton

Pat Depenhart

Dawn Fowler

John Stepanian

Jere Antonetti

Brandon Fowler

Tom Mirth

John Morabito

Dave Neuhart

Debbie Baycura

Ken and Pat Depenhart

Leon and Dolores Dowlin

Bill Mackaly

William Kucinski

Casey Novak

Beth Spence

Pat Depenhart

Ruth Stone

Tom Dowlin

Bob and Heather Giammaria

Jere and Rozan Antonetti

Patti Ross

Kate Weidner

Pat Depenhart

Dolores Dowlin

Frank Myers

Jere Antonetti

Russ Russell

Liz Zagorski

Rozan Antonetti

Bill and Helen Byrnes

Lenny and Michele Donner

Leon and Dolores Dowlin

Heather Giammaria

Mary Anne Ross

Liz Zagorski

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